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  Autoinflammatory diseases are rare diseases linked to a dysfunction of innate immunity. Patients present with inflammatory attacks with articular, digestive, cutaneous, neurosensory and often systemic involvement. This is a group of pathology of relatively recent recognition due to the discovery less than 20 years ago of the first gene involved. In fact, these diseases are little known and there is a need for training.

The objectives of this IUD: 

  • Understand what an autoinflammatory disease (AID) is.

  • Know how to prescribe and interpret genetic analyzes of AIDs.

  • Know how to treat an MAI.

  • Know inflammatory amyloidosis (AA).

  • Know how to diagnose inflammatory amyloidosis.

  • Know how to treat inflammatory amyloidosis.

  • Know the resources related to MAIs (reference and competence centers, rare disease health networks, registries, etc.).

  • Accompany and educate the patient with MAI.




Groupe d'étude


  • Medical and paramedical personnel

      (> bac +3).

  • Doctors: of all specialties from interns.


  • French-speaking audience.

Écrire sur des post-it jaunes
          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  METHODS

Course in interactive videoconference on zoom one Friday afternoon per month for 6 months.


An intensive 2 ½ day face-to-face session (which can be transformed into a zoom videoconference if the health situation requires it or for students from abroad.


Send a CV and a cover letter by email to: registration deadline: November 15, 2022. To apply Cclick here.

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